Oregon Respite Care: We Will Help You in Caring for Your Loved One

    You have probably experienced, first hand, how providing care to a family member, on any level, can take a toll. Research has even been completed about the impact of stress on people who care for their family members at home. Below we have suggested a few ways you can curb at least some of the pressure:

    • Think about yourself on occasion
    • Stay active and eat well
    • Try not to lose sleep for the sake of other
    • Use respite care resources and take some personal time off

    Enjoy a Much Deserved Breather

    Lanphier Associates job 984, AVA003 at Hillsboro Rehab, HillsborThe Pearl at Kruse Way provides respite care for seniors with developmental disabilities, an illness, a physical disability or other impairment that requires care. Specifically we specialize in respite care for patients requiring skilled nursing or Alzheimer’s/memory care. We give family members a break from the unique demands of caring for a senior at home. Our respite care providers assist in all the tasks necessary to help a disabled or impaired person to stay in their home including activities that stimulate the mind and enhance physical well-being.

    As space is available, The Pearl at Kruse Way offers temporary Oregon respite care, for anywhere from several days to several months. During each resident’s stay, we’ll help them get comfortable and encourage them to mingle and join in activity groups and partake in outings with the other seniors. In fact, many Oregon respite care seniors treat their stay with us as a holiday and can’t wait for their next stay.

    So rest assured that your loved one will return home as refreshed as you do. Contact us today to check availability for Oregon respite care in our senior care facility.