The Pearl at Kruse Way – Testimonials

    Here are a few experiences that residents of The Pearl at Kruse Way have shared with us:

    As an industry professional I have nothing but praise for The Pearl at Kruse Way. We refer our residents and their families to this skilled facility for post surgical and recovery needs. Our residents have returned with nothing but praise for the staff, the cleanliness and the overall treatment while with them. Working with both the intake and discharge people is a professional experience from start to finish. If we have a need, they are always making room for a resident who needs their help ‘right now’.

    The supervisory staff is excellent, and the floor staff is amazing. Those who say otherwise are either catching staff at extremely busy times, are not really following through with their investigation or expect far too much personalized attention. Skilled facilities are there to meet the needs of many different patients and they cannot be asked to give one-on-one care to anyone, especially when they are at capacity. Our experience has been perhaps a small delay in answering a call, but never anything excessive.

    As for the food, I’ve had more than a few meals there and have been overall impressed with the quality, taste and texture of the food. Again, this is a nursing facility, not a five-star hotel.

    We had the most wonderful experience with our mom who is 85 and very independent. She needed a place to go to get stronger after a difficult winter…We chose THE PEARL after a walk through and conversation with the staff. We showed up at all times of the day and liked what we saw. The food was AWESOME!…SIX STARS! “Why can’t we all go home and cook like that?” The staff was incredible! Mom had all of her needs met with respect and dignity from the compassionate and serving staff. If you need a place to go to get back to your routine at home…This is the place. They will even help you get settled at home again with home health nurse who makes sure you are “STILL OK!”

    Kudos to your entire administrative and professional healthcare staff during my rehab from recent hip replacement surgery. I give the entire experience five stars and two big thumbs up. Standouts were, but not limited to, Kendrah Bilings and Diane from PT, Dylan from OT, Nurse Dave on the night shift, and Nurse Lisa who wins the prize for being such a good sport and kind source of support. As we move into a new era of universal healthcare and the challenges it presents, I have utmost confidence that you will continue to lead.

    Thank you.

    “The care I received at The Pearl was outstanding! You bent over backwards to try and make me comfortable which was no easy task due to the nature of my injuries. Your staff is wonderful! There are a few of your employees I would like to mention who were exceptional. CNA’s Maycee-day, Sarah-evening, Sandy-evening, Mellisa-nights, Phil-day, Jake-day. RN’s Kelli-days, Ashley-days, Lydia-Evening. PT Jenny and Lisa who worked Thanksgiving. OT Dorese and Tony.

    Thank you so much, words cannot adequately express my gratitude.

    “My parents were both suffering from dementia when we moved them to The Pearl in January 2006. At that time, my mother was on hospice, weighed about 90 pounds, and was consider to have a very short time to live. She was living at her own home before with 24-hour care. After moving to The Pearl, she began to gain weight, and eventually gained 20 pounds. Soon, she was taken off hospice, and the visiting hospice nurse told us she was getting excellent care, and given the limitations of her condition, she was thriving.”

    When my dad moved to The Pearl, he thought he was in a hotel; he talked a lot about the good food and the activities, which Greg Bledsoe arranged for the residents. The staff involved him immediately, and being very social, this was very good for my Dad. He often talks about how kind the staff is.

    Personally, I feel that the staff at The Pearl has been very supportive of my wife, Nancy, and me. I receive frequent calls regarding my parents’ condition and have had regular meetings with supervisors to go over changes in their care plan. When issues come up, we have been able to discuss them, and they have always been resolved to our satisfaction. There are some exceptional Caregiver s that come to mind, including Carlos, Judith, Kim, & Lu, although these are the ones I see most often, so I’m sure that I am leaving someone out. The Pearl also offers many opportunities to meet with other families and caregivers through group meetings, brunches, football parties, etc.

    When I chose The Pearl for my parents, it was a stressful time. I visited many about ten facilities, and I felt The Pearl was the best of the bunch. I wanted to do the best I could for my parents, and I felt this was the one place that I would like to live if I were in their condition. I still feel that way.

    I have no illusions that my parents are going to get better. All I can do is provide them with a place where their needs are met, and they are in a comfortable, clean and healthy environment. I think The Pearl at Kruse Way is that place.”

    “I spend 11 hours a day at The Pearl so I have observed the staff and treatment of other residents daily. My husband, unable to move on his own, received excellent care as they made sure he was turned every two hours. They checked his skin breakdown daily. All food and fluids are charted and if the level of fluids or food intake is too low they urge my husband to eat and other residents to eat and drink more. The Rehab has been beyond my expectations; my husband has gone from little movement on his left side to starting to walk with a cane. They work him hard then cheer them on, a great group.

    The nurses and all of the staff have met my expectations for care. Everyone at The Pearl has had genuine concern and a caring attitude for both my husband and I. There has been down days that have been hard for me to get through and the “How are you today?” helped me get through them. I heard the cheers when my husband first walked in his walker and then with the cane. Hopefully it won’t be long before my husband and I can return home thanks to everything at The Pearl.”

    “The facility is beautiful and all of the caregivers are so nice. It does not matter if you need help in the morning or late at night. They all have good attitudes. The nurses are wonderful and very caring. My sister was at The Pearl last year and that’s why I came. She also received great care and was able to go home.”

    “It just keeps getting better at The Pearl. This is my third time at The Pearl and it just keeps getting better. The staff is always willing to help with anything. I do not know where they found all these nice people. My call light gets answered and they all smile.”

    “The doctor and therapist say that I have made a “remarkable” recovery and I know that much of that is due to the very special care I received at The Pearl.

    The Pearl’s facilities are very comfortable and welcoming. Not only is it a modern beautiful building in a nature-filled setting but it is maintained to perfection – sparkling clean inside and out. 

    Hurrah! I am back in my own home now but there are many overwhelming and meaningful memories of my stay at The Pearl. The staff was the best. Although busy they always had time to give me individual one-on-one care. This was done with sincerity, compassion, and respect. I want you to know just how important that is and how very much that meant to me. I say the real “Pearl” is actually its Staff. 

    Meals, mmm, the meals were prepared with a lot of care and attention to detail and presentation. And luckily, although my tastes are very different, I only lost 4 pounds. Ha! Ha!” 

    “My 10-day stay at The Pearl this past March to recuperate from hip surgery was a very pleasant and productive experience. As you know, I had thoroughly researched both surgeons and facilities before making my choices for each. Once I visited The Pearl and compared it with other facilities, I was convinced there was no comparison. 

    Your facility is well managed, extremely comfortable, and clean. The entire staff – from professionals down to cleaning people were pleasant, considerate, responsive, and knowledgeable. My physical therapy program was excellent. And the food was surprisingly good. I especially appreciated being able to special order food for my fussy tummy. In fact, when I tell my friends about my quest for the best surgeon and rehab facility, I end the story by recounting the success I achieved with both – surgery that produced a small incision and almost immediate recovery and a rehab facility that was as close to a country club as it gets. 

    I will never, ever forget how thoughtful you were to visit me in the hospital the day of my surgery. You made the trip from Lake Oswego to Oregon City to assure me, personally, that as soon as I was discharged and came to The Pearl, I would have the private room that I requested and reserved about a month earlier. Having that quiet, charming room, with its view out into the woods, helped in the healing process.”