Senior Citizen Activities to Enrich Lives

    At The Pearl of Kruse Way, we’re all about providing a wide selection of senior center activities and offering seniors copious chances to come together with each other and their friends and families.Paint

    We’re never too old to engage in fresh skills or partake in different activities. Here are a few senior activities we offer at the Pearl at Kruse Way:

    • Creative expression through painting, crochet, creating scrapbooks, stone sculpture, and many other handicrafts.
    • Special religious programs, meditation and prayer to satisfy spiritual needs. (Note: we believe one’s religious beliefs are of individual concern and all beliefs are respected by our staff).
    • Trivia sessions, word puzzles and other activities to challenge the mind such as bingo.
    • Concerts with talented performers from the broader community.
    • Sharing skills with children, such as needlepoint and patchwork.

    These senior citizen activities, plus many more, allow our residents to come together with their families, make new friends, celebrate each day, and most importantly enjoy life in a community!